About Helping Hands For You

Do you feel like you are being sucked into a vacuum of gloom and doom because of the economy as well as world issues? Do you feel tanked up without hope for a better future? Do you feel that your life is meaningless and that you do not have much power over your life? Do you have a dream of doing humanitarian work but do not have the funds available for you to fulfill your dream?

We can easily be distracted by the way that things appear throughout the world. There is hope for you and there is a way for you to accomplish the things that are dear to your heart. Helping Hands For You website is a way to bring mentors and the youth together and will be inspired to bring communities together for harmonious living. We match people up for doing humanitarian work and place them into a consortium of training programs that are designed to give students the training needed to have better control over their finances, empowering the human spirit, and the ways to fulfill the highest order of purposeful living.

There are many wonderful organizations out there that wants to do good in the world. Some of these organizations want to better the way we live by lifting people up out of poverty. The Glowing Heart Society is an organization that you will want to investigate because of the purity of their mission.

The Glowing Hearts Society is unique and powerful in its approach to resolving life’s problems. The Golden Eagles Academy (Profit) serves the enrollees the health, wealth, and wisdom  courses with the intention of reaching the Grand Master’s Circle. The course requirements is that the members do humanitarian work. The income increases as one goes up the ladder of success and knowledge. THIS IS NOT MLM!!!

As mentioned earlier the Golden Eagles Academy is a profit entity and the non-profit entity is the Glowing Heart’s Society. The two organizations have been created by brilliant executive staff with the guidance of a Supreme Power Source named God, so that God can guide and direct His people to save the downtrodden and teach others leadership skills that are suitable for today’s world.

If we step aside from the world’s pressures and all of the negatives, we can see the value and beauty of the Glowing Hearts Society as well as the Golden Eagles Academy. If it is any consolation to you, I highly recommend the life training courses for anyone that wants meaning added to their life and it will fill a void in a person’s life. The quest for personal development through Golden Eagles Academy is second to none. We need to be faithful and focused on the future by staying positive.

Once you have finished viewing the videos and the material the window will close and you will be directed back to this page, please send me an email and let me know what you think about the Glowing Heart’s Society and the Golden Eagle’s Academy.

Another worthwhile website to check out is http://goldeneaglesosamerica.com


Terrance W. Norton, Editor

Helping Hands For You



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